When I think of traditional comfort food, chicken fried steak, with a giant dollop of mashed potatoes and gravy is what comes to mind. I get really excited when I go to a restaurant and they have chicken fried steak on the menu. Ever since I was a little girl, my dad and I have been staking out (get it?) country joints and ranking the Texas classic staple. My favorite has been at Jack Allen's Grill in Austin, TX and my least favorite was at the world famous dance hall in Austin, TX, The Broken Spoke.

My dad has been perfecting his spaghetti and meatball recipe over the years and it is still to this day my absolute favorite dish he makes my family and I. It isn't just because it tasts amazing, my dad would always make me his sous chef and let me pour in ingredients, showing me how to make it. Even though my parents are in Dallas, everytime I come home to visit no matter how late I show up, my dad will always have it waiting for me.

Raspeberries are another food that evokes such a strong memory. My grandparents had raspberry bushes in their garden in Bellingham, WA. As a kid, my cousins would always play hide and seek in their backyard. I loved hiding near the bushes because I was such a great hider, I would get bored and hungry waiting for them to find me so I would pick raspberries off of the bushes and eat them. Plus no other jam tops raspberry. waipio