Why I love Traveling

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I am a huge traveler. Besides food, traveling is what I tend to spend most of my money on. I enjoy making myself hop out of my comfort zone and experience different cultures. Traveling solo is my favorite mainly because you can do anything you want and the only person you have to worry about is yourself. Sometimes it can be hard making a long travel day with someone who isn't experienced.

Traveling is a great way to understand other cultures while gaining a whole different perspective. You not only are on a fun trip, but you are developing very important communication skills with others and learning something new. For example, Hawaii was my very first backpacking trip. I overpacked and brought things with me that I didn't even touch such as makeup, extra clothes and shoes. When I was finally back in Texas I realized that I spend way too much time worrying about material things when in reality, I don't even need them.

This year, my goal is to take my dog on an airplane with me. She is so great in public situations. I take her to bars and restaurants as much as possible. However, flying is totally different. Will she be super chill like always? or become stressed and anxious?

Here are my next top 5 places I would love to explore:

  1. Tokyo
  2. Monte Carlo
  3. Patagonia Mountains
  4. Florence
  5. Bangkok
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